BlidimaX® roof – perfect heat insulation for your pop-up roof

Freezing, losing heat and providing your neighbours with an evening shadow theatre performance – these unpleasant side effects of off-road and motorhome camping are now a thing of the past. Our new multifunctional BlidimaX® protection screens are the ideal interior lining solution to make your camping dreams come true. Enjoy a snuggly and warm night’s sleep, even when it’s bitterly cold outside.

BlidimaXroof im Winter unerlässlich
BlidimaXroof im Winter unerlässlich


The biggest advantages of BlidimaX® roof at a glance:

  • Comfortable temperatures instead of freezing and losing heat
  • 80 % of heat remains inside your vehicle*
  • 96 % of the cold external temperature stays outside*
  • Large reductions in external noise
  • Well-functioning cross-ventilation
  • Sleep in thanks to reliable darkness
  • No more “shadow theatre performances” for your neighbours

*(total solar energy transmittance g-value DIN EN 410:2011-04A)

BlidimaXroof im Winter unerlässlich
Foto der Wärmebildkamera vom Hochdach bei -20 °C
Foto der Wärmebildkamera vom Hochdach bei -20 °C


BlidimaX® roof is sure to win you over – even at sub-zero temperatures!

Just like our thermo protection screens, we also tested the BlidimaX® roof on our own Land Cruiser. Although we were already familiar with the quality of our material, we were very excited to see how it would function in the freezing cold. The result: we enjoyed a great night’s sleep and decided to keep the new interior lining in our vehicle as a permanent fixture. The photograph provided by our thermal imaging camera also confirms its effectiveness: with the BlidimaX® roof, 80 % of heat is kept inside the vehicle and 96 % of the cold external temperature remains outside. After trying it out for ourselves, we are even more excited to be able to offer you our interior lining for pop-up roofs with complete conviction.

Foto der Wärmebildkamera vom Hochdach bei -20 °C
Die BlidimaX roof im Aufstelldach
Die BlidimaX roof im Aufstelldach


Made-to-measure to fit your vehicle

Like all of our products, BlidimaX® roof is individually customised to meet your needs and requirements. Its mounting system is adapted and precisely coordinated to fit the roof of your camper using. Tenax®, LoXX® or even robust hook-and-loop fastenings. Our measurement, production and installation activities all take place on site at our Blickdicht Manufaktur. Nevertheless, please bear in mind that we cannot complete the project in just one day

Tenax® and LoXX® are registered trademarks of their respective companies.


Die BlidimaX roof im Aufstelldach

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Price overview

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Image Infoflyer BlidimaX roof

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Installation and storage

How easy the installation and how fast the storage of the Blidimax®roof works, shows Gerhard Börner in the two videos.

Installation of BlidmaX roof

Storage of BlidmaX roof