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BlidimaX®roof – only for FourWheel Campers Drop Cabins

There are many possibilities to be on the road as a camper - besides van, mini camper, motorhome or off-roader, drop cabins on pickup trucks are a good way to be close to nature when you are on the road.

Drop-off cabins, such as those from FourWheel Campers, offer a very comfortable interior with enough space even in adverse weather due to the pop-up roof.

The material of the pop-up roof safely protects against wetness and wind, against cold, heat/heat or noise is not given in a meaningful way due to the design.


Made to measure for your airdrop cabin

With our BlidimaX® and BlidimaXblack® product ranges, we produce tailor-made insulation for your cabin with BlidimaX®roof, which ensures a very pleasant atmosphere in the cabin:

  • 80 % of the temperature is retained in the interior for a very long time, whether it is the coolness of the summer night or the warmth of the parking heater
    80-96 %* of the temperature is reflected from the outside (*depending on the product series)
    BlidimaX®roof significantly reduces the noise that tries to enter the cabin from the outside. Because not all noises allow you to relax and rest.
    Nights are considerably darker when, for example, Nordic destinations are visited in the summer months and it just doesn't want to be a dark night.

BlidimaX®roof makes many things much easier. Travelling in cold months, not sweating on warm summer nights or dark midsummer nights.

We produce a perfect fit for your cabin and take the window and closing mechanism into account during the complex production process. This way, your BlidimaX®roof can remain permanently installed.

In order for this to be successful, we need your cabin to be at our premises in Neuss for a week. You receive your cabin with the BlidimaX®roof installed, we explain the handling to you and off you go on relaxed tours.

Window Kit for Four Wheel Campers Drop Off Cabins

Roof for Four Wheel Campers Drop Off Cabins

Click on the image if it is displayed too small or download the price list as a PDF via the respective link.


We would like to deliver all BlidimaX® and BlidimaXblack® requests in the promised time. This requires an appointment to be made. Our contact page offers the possibility to arrange first details by phone and to book on-site appointments. On-site appointments serve to discuss your project and are not production appointments.

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